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What Does Your House Style Say About You?

What Does Your House Style Say About You?

And What Does Your House Style Say About You

Whether it’s neoclassical, Spanish Colonial, or Victorian, the record of different home types is nearly countless!

Many psychologists consider that your home fashion and your psychology are linked.

Does this sound absurd to you?

Well, the truth is, there is a entire subject of environmental psychology dedicated to structure.

Let’s skip the technical jargon, but principally, “architectural psychology” has to do together with your experience when getting into any constructing!

Colours, shapes, format – all the things contributes to this expertise.

If that is true, then you possibly can study rather a lot about a person by their selection of house fashion, no?!

Of course, I can already see a couple of of you rolling your eyeballs – you’re in all probability considering of these funny home types!

And then there are additionally those that would say that is purely subjective and based mostly on speculation.

Yet, if it’s objectively confirmed that architecture and décor affect our psychology, why can’t our house type be linked to our psychology?

For instance, sure colour palettes can have either an energising or a relaxing impact.

Would the reverse even be true?

Can your psychology affect your selection of architecture and décor?

To the extent that by “reading” your home type, an off-the-cuff observer can deduce rather a lot about you?

So, would you agree or disagree that a house type says quite a bit concerning the resident in the house?

We all know that, in the long run, fairly a couple of of these conclusions are just generalisations!

Bottom line: everyone is exclusive and even if there are sure clues in someone’s residence, we clearly can’t assume that we’ve received that exact individual found out!

Heck, we is perhaps means off base!

Nonetheless, it’s attainable to construct considerably of a profile of the owner or resident by just wanting at the property.

Let me reiterate my disclaimer for a few of my hardcore reader following: accuracy might range and I cannot be held chargeable for you wrongly sussing out your new neighbour by solely analysing her house fashion!

Let’s have a look at some particular home types and point out some (basic) observations:

House fashion instance #1 – Contemporary home with open-plan lounges and kitchens

In this arrangement, the kitchen is seen as the social hub of the home.

Not an actual secret there, as for a few years (and even many years), the kitchen was behind closed doorways, where the hosts would cover all the food preparation.

Now, in this modern type, the hosts invite family and friends to collect around and be part of the cooking process.

Food preparation has develop into a social exercise as a lot as the mealtime itself!


  • This format is inviting to household and friends.
  • The house owners are conveying a degree of sophistication with this trendy selection.
  • It is at present in vogue.
  • But, they aren’t taking themselves too critically.


  • Keeping a well-stocked pantry can get expensive.
  • You might need to eat within the bedroom if you’d like some privacy.
  • A well-kitted barbeque facility also exhibits that this resident is a social individual.
  • It is somebody who enjoys entertaining household or pals.
  • Also look for leisure gadgets resembling dart boards, pool or desk tennis. They may need a big-screen HD tv with numerous couch area in the living room.

Here’s the actual deal: format counts!

If the proprietor has chosen a house with dwelling rooms that open out onto the garden space, for example, with outside amenities akin to a barbeque space or pool, then that is an indicator that this individual places value on being out-of-doors.

You might maybe be coping with a nature-lover.

House type instance #2 – Modern and spartan, with neutral colours, and brushed metallic finishes

This individual is more likely to be career-oriented, sees the home as a place to rest one’s head and perhaps catch some Netflix, that’s all.

Or, it could possibly be an individual who travels lots?


  • This individual is formidable and is working toward long-term objectives.
  • Generally, she or he will maintain the premises uncluttered.


  • All work and no play makes Jack a uninteresting boy, or Jill a uninteresting woman.
  • When associates or acquaintances cease by, they discover that it’s lacking in some personal touches.
  • This sort of favor can typically be perceived as a touch unwelcoming.

Here’s the actual deal: The selection of colour in the house (each on the outside and interior) can have an enormous impression on guests.

Generally talking, a extra expressive and adventurous individual may select a vibrant colour palette.

If the individual sticks to impartial tones, you could be coping with a ‘look-before-you-leap’ character.

Unless in fact, the resident is renting – the owner is perhaps extra restrictive with what modifications the tenant could make on the house.

This might additionally affect the appearance of the home and selection of colour palette.

House type example #3. Rustic, bungalow-style house, with heat colors, and wooden finishes

This fashion looks like a house and speaks to an orientation toward associates & family life.

These residents doubtless take pleasure in entertaining friends.


  • Looking “lived-in” is what makes a house a house.
  • People really feel welcome and relaxed in a pleasant, inviting surroundings, beverage in hand.


  • Whenever the family multiplies, there is usually a tendency in the direction of chaos!
  • Do you need to maintain the house from wanting like you’re dropping a recreation of Jumanji? Over the years during which there are toddlers in the house, you should put in additional attention.
  • Just about any mum or dad will inform you, it’s value it, although.
  • The similar applies to a house with many animals. Again, animal lovers will inform you that it’s value the extra effort to maintain the house so as.

Here’s the actual deal: If the property is usually neat, then you possibly can assume the owner prioritises a sense of order.

I’m speaking, a neatly mowed lawn, the edging is completed, there’s truly been considered curb attraction, the place all the things has a place and is as an alternative!

The owner is prepared to take a position cash or time into maintaining these kinds of particulars maintained.

If it’s usually unkempt, or in a extra messy or chaotic state, you’re dealing with a busy resident at greatest.

Someone targeted on their work or other priorities.

And so, they’re unable to take care of the extent of neatness they could choose.

Or, at worst, somebody who is lazy or unconcerned.

Unfortunately, typically it’s human nature to assume the worst!

So, it’s a very good lesson for any property owner to take a position in the basic maintenance and neatness of the property.

This is sweet apply and results in a better return in your most respected asset in the long run.

Family measurement and presence of pets can all be deduced from a simple take a look at the property as nicely.

You might build a remarkably correct profile by checking for the following:

  • Are there toys present in the residence?
  • Is there a nursery with a cellular hanging over a cot, or a room with a child-sized bed formed like a racing automotive?
  • You can even gauge a rough concept of how many youngsters and what ages, all just by wanting at the house.
  • You can maybe even deduce gender of the youngsters can by the choice of colour and décor in these areas as properly.

Looking over the property will even typically reveal whether the residents are animal-lovers.

  • Check for the presence or absence of kennels and other animal-related paraphernalia.
  • Some canine house owners could have all types of animal blankets and toys laid out.
  • Others could have just the bare essentials out for his or her pup.
  • Here is an insight into how much value they place on pampering the animal.
  • Are there more unique animals reminiscent of reptiles or spiders?
  • This could be a trace that the owner is extra eccentric or “out there” than your common pet proprietor.
  • Indeed, it does reveal that they’ve tastes which are totally different to nearly all of householders.

House fashion instance #four – Tuscan, gated property

These are common in the new suburbs arising around our major population centres.

Mid-to-late era X’ers and the first born-frees are filling up these complexes.

They are establishing themselves in their careers and lots of have left their mother and father’ houses in the suburbs for these up-and-coming areas.


  • These are often good planners with a well-mapped career path.
  • They enjoy the finer issues in life.
  • They have an eye fixed for widespread design and you may catch them having fun with episodes of HGTV.


  • They could also be prone to “kitschy” eccentricities.
  • They may buy an costly Harley Davidson motorbike in a second of mid-life crisis.

Here’s the actual deal: Choices of décor and fixtures give us an enormous trace concerning the nature of the resident.

Are there expressive, extravagant or quirky pieces on the property?

You could possibly be dealing with an expressive or whimsical proprietor.

If decor is more demure and downplayed, the proprietor’s character is much less eccentric, or might be more “straight-laced”.

The presence of security measures reveals something concerning the resident’s character:

  • Are there excessive walls, safety cameras or alarm beams?
  • The resident may be notably prudent (or nervous!) in this space of house safety.
  • Is there an obstacle of getting too a lot safety? Well, the resident might be thought-about unwelcoming or stand-offish.
  • In these sorts of matters of opinion, that could be a small worth to pay to ensure safety within the house.

Let’s contemplate the opposite finish of this spectrum:

  • Is there an absence of any security measures or boundary fencing or walls? This may reveal a trusting, welcoming owner.
  • It can also reveal a scarcity of knowledge or savvy, especially if the property is in a high-crime area!

House type instance #5. Neoclassical or gothic revival structure, vintage furniture, manicured landscaping

Your House Style Says A Lot About You

Your House Style Says A Lot About You

People in these unusual homes take pleasure in a wealthy connection to the past.

They are grounded individuals with a passion for nostalgia.


  • These individuals recognize their roots.
  • Their antiques reinforce their connection to generations gone by.
  • They maintain a robust sense of excellent old-time values.
  • They have an apparent degree of sophistication.


  • Old-timey values can typically be a bit combined up!
  • Also, these character varieties could also be in peril of taking themselves too significantly.

Here’s the actual deal: What exhibits the owner’s most popular way of life, and approximate earnings bracket?

The major main issue is the measurement and site of the property.

Other elements – a pedicured backyard, opulent and lavish fittings, furnishings pieces – are secondary.

When you’re choosing a property to buy, invest more capital and effort into the fitting location and measurement.

The property’s finishing touches perhaps must be just that – finishing touches!

House fashion example #6. A mash-up of types

How Your House Style Says So Much About You

How Your House Style Says So Much About You

These house owners are adventurous individuals.

They see one thing they like, they usually immediately snap it up and set up it in their residence.

Who cares about whether or not it matches in with a prevailing theme?


  • Eclectic tastes belong to fascinating character varieties with loads of great stories.
  • There could also be some odd pieces that are good conversation starters.


  • Taken as an entire, the appearance of the property becomes divided and directionless.
  • You might discover clashing colours and types. These will want renovation for uniformity within the occasion that the house goes up for sale.

Here’s the actual deal: I’ll admit it.

Some of these examples are tongue-in-cheek and even somewhat unlikely.

It could also be an correct reflection, or perhaps not.

But I hope your eyes opened to the alternative ways your home fashion can symbolize your character.

Here’s an excellent train:

  • Take a recent take a look at your property.
  • Put your self within the footwear of a first-time customer.
  • Do you see anything obvious that is misrepresenting your character?
  • Recognising it is step one!

Some of those ‘issues’ are straightforward to rectify.

Here’s how:

  • Be true to your personal tastes and types in choosing an architectural, design and home fashion.
  • Browse magazines and web sites aimed toward householders and designers for ideas.
  • If all else fails, you might hire a great interior decorator!

Remember: it is all the time attainable to work on making constructive modifications, each in your way of life and in your home type.

You are by no means caught to a single house fashion – as you, as an individual, change through the years, your preferences will very doubtless change as nicely.

And with it, your preferrred house type!

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