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STOP doing these 5 things on your Facebook page that are killing your real estate return on investment!!

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Did you understand that there are 5 things that you’re doing on your Facebook business page that’s truly killing your real estate return on investment?

In other words these 5 things that you’re doing on your page, they’re pretty much killing your page. They’re killing your potential as a real estate agent to usher in leads using your Facebook business page.

I’m going to stroll you through all 5 of these, at the moment however first who am I?

I’m Christina Ethridge with Leads and Leverage and I assist real estate agents create more time, make more cash and benefit from the journey, as a result of what else is life about but having fun with it.

We have to take pleasure in every moment even by way of the drudgery of lead era. Now there’s enjoyable era. There is boring era but you already know we acquired to be able to take pleasure in every little thing that’s going on. You guys are awesome!

Remember if you need what I give away in the present day I’m going to undergo the 5 things and I actually have a checklist for you. It’s not actually a checklist however it’s sorta a guidelines and when you remark right here I’ll ship it to you by way of messenger. Well RIBBIT our messenger bot will ship it to you by way of messenger so it gained’t truly be me sending it to you but be that what it might.

Welcome to as we speak’s episode of the RIBBIT present and as you already know every time I’m going stay, I really like answering your questions, helping you remedy issues, shifting you to the subsequent step and at this time is not any totally different.

Let me know any questions that you could have whether it’s relating to at the moment’s show or if it’s relating to real estate generally. Let me know and I will answer them. I’ll do them in future reside episodes. Please hold asking the questions. I like it!

Today I need to speak concerning the 5 things you’re doing on your enterprise page and on your Facebook business page particularly.

Here’s the thing. I watch brokers do this over and again and again and truly it’s not simply, it’s not simply our Facebook business pages. We get a bit bizarre when it come to every part that we do promoting and advertising. I don’t know, it’s like we flip a change and we turn into. . . it’s weird.

Let me as we undergo each of these 5 things clarify what I mean, okay?

The 5 things you’re doing on your Facebook business page that is killing your real estate return on funding.

Stop Obsessing Over Your Analytics and Insights

Number one and these are not in order from the greatest and the worst.

These are just 5 things, okay?

You all are obsessing over your analytics and your insights. You get your page setup and you’re like “Why don’t I have any page likes?” Or you get your page setup and you’re like “Why did people hide my post?” “Why did people unlike my page?” “Why aren’t people following it?” “Why are people following it?” “What are individuals on? Like you are obsessing over the analytics.

Here’s the deal, You can take a look at the analytics and the insights for concepts like when you’ve got something that just turns into a run-away hit and you’re like “Well okay, apparently people like this. I need to do more of this!”

If you have got one thing that is a really, very obvious flop now I’m speaking posts right here you then go “Okay, I will do less of that because people don’t like that” however you’ve acquired to cease obsessing over the number of people that in contrast to or cover a submit and even wanting on the analytics on particular person posts.

You actually need to cease. You don’t need to get lost within the weeds. This is the place you don’t have to waste your time on Facebook.

I understand there’s a lot of people on the market telling you “Go look and see when your people are online and do that!” and I am like “you know what? Just get your butt online and do stuff” like actually cease worrying about when individuals are online. Don’t fear about once they’re online.

If you’re capable of do a submit proper once you’re capable of do a submit do it because here is what occurs once we take a look at those analytics and we over analyze them exactly like the concept of reply that lead in first three minutes otherwise you gained’t get it if we don’t do what the usual that is about up there, we find yourself not doing something in any respect so cease obsessing over your analytics and just start doing!

Get stuff on the market! Use your analytics, your insights on posts for steerage of what extra to place out however don’t use them as “Oh my gosh people this person hid me or I got one less follower!” Don’t fear about that. Don’t worry about that. Just use it as a broad information as to what to submit and as much as it works for you, cater your posting occasions to when individuals are online but that’s it.

If it’s turning into to obsessive for you just schedule the stuff. Just get it on the market so you’re persistently doing it. Consistency is way more necessary, way more necessary. Consistency over the long haul is far more essential than making sure you get the best publish on the right time to the appropriate individuals. Like critically, okay?

Again, if you would like all 5 of these comment right here. Just say Hi! I adore it if you say Hi. Say the place you’re watching from. That can also be cool too. I like seeing the place you’re all watching from. Comment here and in case you examine messenger and I’ll ship you all 5 of these.

Stop Barfing Up Sales Posts All Day Long

Alright, number two and I’m going to use a phrase. I really like this phrase as a result of it’s from my pal Jennifer Allwood and I identical to how she does this.

She says…she uses the phrase barf. “Stop barfing up sales posts all day long. Stop barfing them out on your page.”Right?

So stop auto-posting your listings. Stop doing that! Your sales to worth posting ratio which means each time you do a sales a pitch whether it’s from an inventory or an open home or I’m so awesome I’m working with consumers, every time with any of those sales publish, okay?

Your ratio must be a type of to a MINIMUM, a MINIMUM of 15 other worth posts. That means 1 out of 15 posts ought to be an inventory or an open home or a sales pitch.

So you’re like, “Okay, what do I put on my other 15 posts?” Well most of you simply go and get canned crap from vendors or you just throw stuff up because you realize I want 15, I want that ratio 1 out of 15.

Again with the analytics you have to be placing out Four-6 posts every single day.

You have to be putting out worth not simply noise. You have to stop auto posting your listings. You have to stop auto posting your humble brags or just posting your humble brags and it’s essential to have one brag, one listing, one open home per 15…not FIVE or TEN however FIFTEEN worth publish.

So stop barfing up sales posts all day lengthy, okay?

Stop Trying To Find Someone Else To Do Facebook For You

Number three, quantity three, numero three. Again if you’d like all of these, you need the entire listing simply say “Hi” under, remark under, let me know the place you are watching from.

You have to cease trying to find another person to do that Facebook thing for me. I don’t care how huge a business you assume you’ve gotten that you must stop it.

Seriously your Facebook page is YOU. It’s a virtual extension of YOU.

Would you host a celebration or a shopper appreciation event after which not present up? Have a VA symbolize you?  Tell the VA what to say or perhaps just have them symbolize you? Or would you have got a vendor are available and just barf up crap, canned crap for you?

Well should you wouldn’t do that in individual why the heck are you be doing it on Facebook as a result of you could have this mentality that it’s just one other “throw my ads out crap space.” Well right here is a few news for you. All that cash y’all are spending on advertisements and banners and every part, like in all places they don’t work as a result of that’s what you consider them.

That’s the way you think of them. You assume that abruptly you’ve obtained to be this I don’t know, another person has to do it for me. You haven’t any voice in it. It’s not you. Your advertisements, your page, your every little thing, they are visible extensions of you.

If you aren’t saying it, in case you don’t feel natural saying what’s on that page or in those advertisements, no one cares about studying it. Nobody likes it. You need to stop dwelling underneath the delusion that your page is simply an ad and another person can handle it for you. It’s not. It’s you.

There’s so much if things that you possibly can outsource in terms of your online advertising, your web site, your page, and so on. however the voice, in other words the individual, the sound, the best way individuals construct a relationship, that’s you and you may’t outsource that. You can’t! It’s simply not going to work.

Stop Trying To Get Page Likes By Running Contests

Number 4 is stop making an attempt to get page likes by operating contests  Alright, right here’s the thing. You gotta stop. I see so many individuals operating contests for instance I am going to run a contest for a free meal. I am going to to do that. I’ve received a lot of page likes and plenty of this and that. You need to appeal to focused page likes, individuals who stay and work and have interaction in your group.

You don’t need to deliver individuals in that are outdoors of your group so you don’t need to be operating these sort of contests for this, okay? You don’t need to beg for untargeted page likes from individuals who just need a freebie, like literally they only need a freebie. They are not .

Contests are concerning the worst factor you would do to run to get page likes, significantly.

They are the worst ones you are able to do.

They are principally when individuals are getting into contests, sweepstakes, and so forth…..I keep in mind when it was I feel Keller Williams that had this sweepstakes factor. I can’t keep in mind who it was or perhaps it was Back At You Media or Real Estate Agent Directory or no matter it was, it was some type of sweepstakes factor that individuals received money or one thing usually they usually have been utilizing it and this was several years ago.

They have been utilizing it to get individuals to like their page and I’m like what good does it assist you to for those who’re in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, that’s me and someone from Katy,Texas likes my page once they’re actually not . They’re only doing it to enter the competition. What good does it do you? Well it doesn’t do you any good.

In reality it’s a unfavourable. It’s detrimental so stop utilizing contests and getting coupon cutters and untargeted page likes, Just cease it. You need real, you want engaged. You should not be doing that. Contests are meant for one thing totally different.

Stop Trying To Act, Like Or Think That You Need To Act Like Someone Else

Number five….this one’s a hard one and I feel that individuals do that each purposely and unconsciously. You have to cease making an attempt to behave, like or assume that it’s essential to act like someone else.

We get so scared to point out people who we are and be who we are like literally we expect “Oh I can’t wear a T-shirt on camera because I am talking to real estate agents.” Now I don’t assume that however I do know people who do and I’m like “Dude, I don’t care. This is my enterprise. This is me. This is who I am naturally and this empowers me. ME.

If you are somebody who would never be caught lifeless in a T-shirt and also you see someone else having success doing it and you attempt to be that you are going to fail as a result of it’s not you. It’s not who you are snug being.

You need be who you are so for me to point out up in a go well with I’m going to be stiff and I used to wear fits. That’s not me. That’s not my character. That’s not my way of life. That is just not what I’m making an attempt to teach you that you can do. That’s not a part of enjoying life for me anymore so I wouldn’t present up like that.

That is number one…that’s the “look like” however I am additionally talking concerning the sound chew. If I’m watching anyone that I actually like and know and love and all of her sudden her online presences has changed and I’m like this isn’t her. This isn’t her. It’s not coming across as her and I’m feeling somewhat uncomfortable watching her as a result of I have seen her in so many other things and I’m wondering what she is doing and she or he’s making an attempt to be… she’s making an attempt to be something that she’s not and I don’t imply that in a nasty method. What I imply is she feels as though she wants to do this to get her enterprise wherever she needs to get it.

You must be YOU.

If you’re going to be on digital camera, yes, you need to have somewhat bit more power on digital camera than you’d in individual. You should. Just like the digital camera adds 10 pounds or 50 pounds let’s fake the digital camera adds 100 kilos on, ya know. The digital camera adds weight. It additionally sucks power. It sucks power so it’s a must to be extra energetic when talking. If you have been actually sitting proper here with me I wouldn’t be in your face one on one.

Here’s the factor so I do have slightly extra power but that is still me. I nonetheless mess up my words. I’m nonetheless sporting my garments. I’m still this how I’m. This is how I act if I’m on stage. This is what I do and so on.

You are YOU. You are you. You are your brand. You are your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition, You are your worth.

Literally, you as a real estate agent. YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. It isn’t the home. You are. You must be YOU. If you want individuals to get to know, like and trust you, they should see you.

They need to see who you are. They don’t have to know each single time… I’m going to get foolish right here….they don’t should know every single time you fart. You know if you date, once you date individuals you have a tendency to hide a few of these things that may be extra embarrassing but after you get married all bets are off, right? You could possibly be someplace in between. It’s all the time somewhere in between so you need to keep in mind that it’s all about you.

You are the model, You’re the worth. You’re the distinctive promoting proposition. If you try to be, act, duplicate or parrot someone else you’re principally saying that you’re brandless, that you’re one of many plenty and also you are not priceless and also you’re not value spending time with. That’s what you’re saying once you’re not you so when you stop considering of every little thing as I’ve to place this certain image on the market, I’ve acquired to put this whatever on the market, and just begin being you that is where individuals connect with you.

Why do you assume individuals like Vin Diesel and The Rock….I’m making an attempt to think about who else that is actually massive, the celebrities who are on the market that are truly just themselves and revealing all these things about themselves they usually interact with individuals as themself and other people see all the things as a lot as their prepared to point out in fact. Why do you assume they are so much extra widespread than some of these other celebrities that are just as massive a star as they are who are on social media?

It’s as a result of those other celebrities have outsourced it. They’re not the voice. They’re literally using it like a billboard which is why it’s not working for them. This is why individuals – like in – okay let me simply say this. In the performing arts business on stage, one of many part of your audition, a part of your audition for a present is how concerned in social media are you?

Do you promote the exhibits? Do you share? Do you assist get butts in the seats? Yeah, that is completely a part of auditions for performing arts. So my level is, they need individuals who are relating with individuals. Same thing with real estate. People need to work with people who are relating with you. That’s the whole level of this entire thing.

Let’s Recap The 5 Things

Let me return by means of these 5 things

Number One: Stop obsessing over your analytics. I went into element on that.
Number Two :Stop barfing up sales submit all day long or even every single day. Seriously.
Number Three: Stop looking for another person to do that Facebook factor for you.
Number Four: Stop making an attempt to get page likes by operating contests.
And Number Five: Stop making an attempt to act or assume you could act like another person.

Which One Of These Five Things Is Hardest For You To Change?

Now here’s what I need to know. I all the time need to know what was most useful for you? But truly what I need to know is what of these 5 things which one is the toughest for you? Like which one is the toughest for you to change? That is what I actually need  to know so what was most helpful for you however extra importantly, which one is the one that you are feeling like it’s the toughest so that you can overcome or change that mindset or do? Which a type of 5?

That can be superior for those who would let me know right here as a result of I want to go deeper on some of these.

Sally says, The most useful was not worrying about analytics.

I know. I do know. They’re like tips. We shouldn’t get misplaced within the weeds of them and lots of people do get lost within the weeds of them and loads of “gurus” say go take a look at your analytics and do this and I’m like dude just get your crap online, like actually just get YOU, your angle, your power, your the whole lot, get yourself out there and use those for tips.

I’m going to dive a tiny bit on this. This entire month that I’ve been doing all of these RIBBIT exhibits each week day, I’m going to undergo and take a look at the ones I’ve completed. I’m going to take a look at the ones you guys attended probably the most. Did I promote these higher or was it the subject?

I want to take a look at that because I have to know shifting ahead what you need to see extra of. I know you inform me however on the similar time your actions typically show me one thing totally different than what you inform me. Isn’t that fascinating?

I am just going to use the analytics over the course of the month to see which subjects have been most necessary to you, by who confirmed up normally and the questions you requested normally and the engagement that you probably did.

I’m going to be taking a look at that because that goes to help me shape my content material. Do I have to go deeper on one thing? Do I have to do extra? That’s what I’m going to use my analytics for.

I am not going to go on there and go “Oh how many shares did I get on this?” Because the shares in and of themselves gained’t assist me. It’s general who got here or how many individuals got here, how engaged have been you, and so on.

I am also going to take a look at it over time. What days of the week are you preferring as a result of I can’t sustain doing these lives 5 days every week like eternally however I can stick with it on the days that you are likely to need to be right here. I am going to look and see over time which days of the week do you favor.

All of these items is going to assist. That’s what I’m utilizing analytics for but I’ve to use it over time so you’ll be able to’t just go take a look at your page of 100 page likes or 500 page likes and go “Oh everybody is online here.” Well sure and no, not likely and that’s not if you just should submit your submit. You have to submit on a regular basis so all of that just to offer you a bit perception.

Inside Leads and Leverage, inside our member website for September we did a video challenge. In August we did a photograph problem the place we batched all the things. We had everyone go take a ton of photographs. I gave all of them concepts and everybody went round and batched an entire bunch of photographs in order that they have a years value of pictures for their page, for content, right?

We discovered how to do this so that we’re not overwhelmed with stuff especially when it comes spring once more and it gets busier, and so on.

Thank you so much and once more if you’d like in the present day’s steps, remark right here and speak to RIBBIT by way of Messenger.

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